In January of 2015, Tammy was home recuperating from having her wisdom teeth out. That is when the dream of a quilt shop really took hold:

Monday, February 23, 2015, I had my bible reading and prayer time early in the morning around 6:30.

I previously had and continued to pray about whether God wanted me to open a quilt shop or not. My husband said I needed to pray for open or closed doors, but I just told God that I needed a clear sign, yes or no. I was telling God that part of me wanted this more than anything and part of me wanted to take the easy route and just keep doing what I was doing. I had not intended to have an answer for another month at least.

When I finished praying I had time before I had to get ready for work, so I decided to read another article in the church magazine “Vital”. I turned to the next article which happened to be about a female filmmaker. I decided I didn’t want to read about that so I turned the page to go to the next article.

At the top of the next page was a picture of a quilt shop. I looked for a caption as to why the article about the filmmaker had a picture of a quilt shop. There was no caption. So I decided I had better read the article. The article never once mentioned a quilt shop or why the photo was there. But the very last paragraph in the article said, “Sometimes you have to do what is right, not what is easy”.

God showed me that a quilt shop was the right thing, but that it wasn’t necessarily going to be the easy thing. But I trust that God gave me His blessing to move forward with this new adventure.

Tammy grew up in Park City on a farm and learned to sew in 4H. Her husband Joe, grew up on a ranch south of the Snowy Mountains. They married in 1994. Tammy started quilting in 1995.  Tammy and Joe live in Lewistown with their daughters Emily and Jamie. In November, 2015, they welcomed Sierra and Alex into their home. Life with teenagers in the house is never boring!

The Eckhardt’s love their community and routinely volunteer their time and energy helping make the Lewistown area a wonderful place to live.